Clarifying TF* Shoots

TF stands for Trade For…   Trade shoots can be very beneficial to both Photographers and Models.  These shoots can allow them to get or create images that they otherwise wouldn’t have in their portfolios.  These new looks and styles can be beneficial to each of them.

Models –

TF shoots are a great way for a new or hobbyist Model to build up their portfolio.  These shoots allow them to get images that they can share with friends and family, or use on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.  Full-time or working Models can also use TF shoots to fill gaps in their portfolios or as an opportunity to work with a Photographer whose work they admire.

Photographers –

Most of the time TF shoots will be with new, beginner, or hobby Photographers.  Most full-time or professional Photographers do not have the time or the need to do TF shoots but they will occasionally use TF shoots to fill holes in their portfolios or to a particular look that they didn’t have before.

Payment(s) –

There are many ways that TF shoots can be negotiated.  The most common form is TFP – Time For Prints / Images.  In these shoots neither the Photographer or the Model pays with anything except their time.  Afterwords they both share the images.

Models may have Wish Lists on sites like and Photographers can purchase items from those lists and shoot the models in them are just give them to the Models as payment for their modeling time instead of giving them images.  Allowing Models to keep outfits after shooting them is another similar form of TF payment.

There are also times where groups get together for a particular and they all provide their own unique parts to the shoot.  Example: A Model, Photographer. Make-up Artist and a clothing designer may get together and do a shoot featuring the clothing and/or the Make-up.  The final images are use by all four participants and nobody ‘pays’ any of the others.

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