Under Construction

One of the worst things that you can do with your website is to put up a page saying “Under Construction” unless your goal is to upset your prospects and clients.  Especially the front page of your site that the URL directly links to.  And even if you feel it is necessary to put up that page:

Do Not Promote, Advertise, or link to that page / site!

Look at it from the clients point of view.  For discussions sake let’s say you are driving down the road, you are hungry and looking for something to eat and you see a billboard promoting a steak house.  You drive to the steak house, pull into the lot, and in front of the building you see a sign sayingunderconst

How happy are you going to be with that steak house?  What is the possibility that you will ever return there?  Probably none!  You are going to go somewhere else to eat and never return here.

As with most things in life and business, you only have one chance to make a great first impression.  And, if that first impression is that you took the time to create a link to a page that is Under Construction and offers nothing to the client while not answering their questions or solving the problem that they came there for, why should they trust you or want to do any business with you?

Make a page that has a logo or image on it, plus your name, business name, address, and contact information.  At least provide the prospect with something they can use.  Not just a sign saying that you sent them there but aren’t ready for their arrival.