You are shooting your videos the wrong way.

Almost everyone shoots videos with their phones today.  But they are holding their phones the wrong way.  Take a look at TV screens, computer screens, movie theater screens – they are ALL horizontal.  Not one of them is vertical.  Yet, almost everyone shoots their phone videos in a vertical format.

If your videos look like this:
then you are holding your phone incorrectly.

Why create videos with 1/3 of the space blank?  It is distracting and it shows less to your viewers.  Think about the people that are watching your videos.  Unless they happen to be on a phone they aren’t going to look right.  Especially on sites like Facebook.

Now – take a look at this image:

Doesn’t this look better?  It fits the format of your computer screen.  It offers up a lot more information that the first image does.  And, there are no annoying black bars at the sides of the video.

Video should be shot with the viewer in mind.  If you don’t have viewers, then why make the videos.

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